The Best And Worst Casino Odds

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Casino is a place to chill with your friends over the weekends or over a trip to Vegas or Macau. You may be least interested in making any money in the games, but what is the point of playing if you do not want to win คา สิ โน สด? The casino games differ from each other on the odds as well as the house edge, which decides how often and how much you can expect to win. Before you sit on a table to play, check out the games with the best and worst odds that you can play.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the tables games definetly have muc better odds of winning as compared to slot machines. People assume that if they play games like poker, professional players can take away all their money, not realizing that slot machines are doing it without even giving you a chance to make their own คาสิโนสด decisions.


Blackjack is a game that offers the best odss of winning. It has a house edge of only 1% in almost all the casinos, and you play against the dealer. So it is your chance of making your game count. Do your math the right way and start minting money. If you are a novice, you can still learn the simple rules of this game and wait for the wins.

Roulette Game


Another table game which offers you a fifty-fifty chance of winning is one game you can expect to win in every three attempts. You can bet on your favorite numbers and wait for the dealer to spin the ball over the wheel. If the ball lands over your chosen number, you win the jackpot. Easy! You can also choose between the two colors – red and black and if you win, you double your money. The house has one or two green slots on the wheel, which is their edge.

These two games can provide you with the best odds of winning inside a casino. When we talk about the worst odds, there are plenty of games which offer the same kind of gaming experience.


Slot machines are known for the worst odds inside casinos. But they still lure the players with big flashy jackpot opportunities. Even the wheel of fortune has the lowest odds of winning with a house edge of atleast 10 percent.

If you love the slot machines, you can still expect to win if you choose your slot machine correctly. The slot machines which asks for more money has a higher chance of winning. You can get much better odds if you play at high stake slots. You can play at penny slots which have the lowest odds but will give you long enough time to wait for a win as you are not losing a lot of money.

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