Born as a dream, we embarked at the end of 2003 on an adventure with an illusion and desire that we have not lost. Almost eight years have passed and after dedication and work we have come to have a true Oasis in the heart of the Caribbean.

Located in the city of La Terrenas, Samana peninsula, northeast of the Dominican Republic, you can discover a tropical paradise, where we can organize endless activities .

We offer comfortable apartments in the middle of a beautiful tropical garden, in which you can rest and from which you can move walking to the beach or the center of town.

Since the beginning of 2010 we have Booomerang, an individualized physical training center, where you can do all kinds of physical activities such as Pilates, Spinning…. and gym In addition we can perform a massage whether relaxation or therapeutic, always with qualified personnel.

We hope you enjoy a vacation that you will surely not forget, in a place where, as they say here, “God had a hand”
Bring illusion and desire to enjoy, we take care of the rest.