10 Creative Hotel VIP Amenities

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1. Mobile Phones:

Providing VIPs with a mobile phone may sound like it’s much of an amenity, but it can prove itself very useful once in hand. When in an enormous resort, it can be tough to get from one part to another on foot. In such cases, a resort buggy can be super handy. Using this mobile, you can dial for a buggy from whenever you are.

2. Personally Monogrammed:

Nothing makes you feel like a diva quite like having your pillowcases monogrammed personally with your initials. Guests can be welcome to take these pillowcases back home after their stay or leave them with the hotel for your next visit. A welcome drink served with a monogrammed napkin makes the experience even more personal and will make for a much more special welcome.

3. VIP Shopping:

Most luxury hotels may have boutiques under their same brand so VIP guests can be chauffeured to one, having them open early or close late based on their guests’ convenience to ensure a private shopping experience.

4. Soap concierge:

A relaxing bath is essential in your in-hotel experience. A soap concierge explains and provides a variety of soaps, each promising a different sensory experience and various benefits. The guests are welcome to make their selections, thereby receiving personalised soap bars sliced off a large block chosen with the help of an expert.

5. Surprise gifts:

Surprise gifts can be given anytime during their guests’ stay or as a welcome or farewell gift. They could be beautifully handmade artisan chocolates, a bottle of expensive champagne or spa essentials that can make your spa day that much more relaxing. Farewell gifts that contain items unique to the local culture can serve as an excellent souvenir.

6. Secret menu:

Having a secret assortment of dishes that can only be availed by a VIP can make them feel extra special. Extravagant meals and unique dishes is a luxurious amenity to have.

7. Children’s amenities:

Every parent loves having their children being treated special. Hotels can treat kids with a VVIP (Very Very Important Person) Card entitling them to soft drinks and other treats at the hotel’s restaurants and coffee shops. You can introduce a club for kids where the little guests with their parents can play fun games, and entertainment sessions specially designed for kids can take place.

8. Complimentary library of books and movies:

A diverse and well-stocked library of books and films is an unsophisticated yet exclusive facility that helps guests unwind. To take it up a notch, you could have an entire Digital Movie Library that is up to date with a wide range of genres.

9. Custom-stocked fridge/mini-bar:

VIP guest can pre-check-in to have their personal preferences stocked for their stay in the hotel.

10. Chauffeur check-in:

While most luxury hotels these days offer to pick up VIP guests from the airport personally, some are starting to take the extra mile of beginning the check-in process while in the car armed with a portable scanner. These can be especially great when you’re already arriving late at night and would like to speed up the process to get to your room faster.


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